Welcome to Continental Pizza

Established in 1967

Owned and operated by the same family for the past 55 years, Continental Pizza has been serving the greater Kensington Community and those around it since its establishment .



Minie R Estrada
Throughout my entire pregnancy the only fries and pizza i could handle down was from Continental. My dad loves their cold cuts with everything including hot peppers. We got all of this for under $20 today. We were highly satisfied as always. *remember cash only.
Rebecca Holland
Awesome as always. The staff and the owner are amazing and have a great set-up to keep us safe and still enjoying eating at continential. Thank you
Brian McCarty
I have been a patron of TQ (aka Continental Caterer's for over (well over?) 50 years. Their progress, reflected in their earning the 4 Stars (up 2 from when I first walked in the door) has been steady and true. What would KTown be without them if not at least 30lbs. off my scale?
Brendan M.
Classic pizza & sub joint. The steak and cheese they are famous for is always a great option. Remember to bring your cash!
Sean H.
hello ! I am Sean Hardman. I am Rolling Out To Find the best Pozza restayrants In all Of The Kensington ,Maryland area Of Montgomery County . When heating...
Abegail A.
After years of having Continental Pizza bookmarked, finally gave it a try. The pepperoni and Continental special pizzas lived up to the hype. The sauce was...

Monday - Saturday
  • 10:00AM - 8:00PM